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Plausibility sensor for front crash detection and rollover sensing

Application & Technical Summary


SMA7xy sensors are primarily used in airbag systems for crash or rollover detection. These signals are vital information during the first milliseconds of a crash.

The SMA760 is used for the detection of front or side crashes in the airbag ECU. The plausibility check of its signals can be based either on the SMA720 or the signals of the satellite sensors. The latter are available in a large number of variants due to two package options, four options for sensitive axes, several options for measurement ranges and featuring more than 80 differing PSI5 modes.

Another option for the plausibility check is the ECU sensor SMA720. Its front crash ax signal makes it an ideal companion to the SMA760, and its vertical az signal makes it an ideal companion to SMI860 for rollover accident detection.

Product benefits

  • Compliant with AK-LV27 specification

Target application

  • Satellite sensors

Vast field experience

gained from hundreds of millions sensors is the fundament of the SMA7xy

Technical Features

Dual axis high-g acceleration sensor
Sensing axes
X, Z
±128 g (X)
±32 g (Z)
Data resolution
14 bit
±5 % (ax),
±7 % (az),
Supply voltage
3.3, 5 or 6.7 V
Supply current
< 5 mA
Operating temperature
-40°C to 125°C

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