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embedded world 2022

The global platform of the embedded community

21 - 06/23/2022
Nürnberg Messe

The embedded world is where specialists gather to share knowledge at a virtual level. International exhibitors from around the world present their products, new developments and solutions and provide an opportunity for dialogue on an equal footing.

Our focus topics for embedded world 2022:

CAN XL – The next step in CAN evolution

  • CAN XL (Controller Area Network with Extended Length) provides a superior solution for data rates of at least 10Mbit/s by maintaining the advantages of the CAN protocol.
  • With respect to the bitrate, CAN XL fills the gap between CAN FD and 100BASE-T1 (Ethernet) with a bit rate of 10Mbit/s or more.

> More info about CAN XL

X_CAN Protocol controller IP

  • The X_CAN IP module supports Classical CAN, CAN FD, and CAN XL. It supports mixed CAN FD/CAN XL networks and enables the use of higher layer protocols (e.g. TCP/IP, SOME/IP) and tunneling of complete Ethernet frames.

> More info about the X_CAN IP module