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Bosch Semiconductors & Sensors


CAN protocol extension for more data throughput

Application & Technical Summary


CAN FD is standardized according to ISO11898-1:2015. CAN FD protocol controllers are also able to perform classical CAN communication.

CAN FD (CAN with Flexible Data-rate) was introduced by Bosch in 2012 to overcome the Classic CAN's bit rate limitation to 1 Mbps and to expand the number of data bytes per CAN frame from up to 8 to up to 64, to close the gap between Classic CAN and other protocols. This is achieved by a modified CAN frame format where the bit rate can be switched to a faster value within the CAN frame and by a new data length coding.

Product benefits

  • Average bit rates up to 2-4 Mbit/s, depending on application
  • Data fields with up to 64 bytes

Full AUTOSAR support

for CAN FD

Advantages of CAN FD error detection mechanisms

Advantages of CAN FD error detection mechanisms

Bit time requirements for CAN FD

Bit time requirements for CAN FD

Robustness of a CAN FD bus system

Robustness of a CAN FD bus system