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Bosch Semiconductors for Automotive


10 - 10/11/2017
Detroit, USA
GTM TechDay audience

Ninety experts

On October 10+11 2017, the 1st GTM TechDay took place in Detroit, USA.

Ninety experts from several countries participated in a lively information exchange all around GTM enabled micocontrollers.

GTM TechDay exhibition area

18 presentations & 14 exhibitors

The conference program included 18 presentations about GTM related tools and services, GTM capabilities and possibilities.

14 exhibitors demonstrated their contribution to the further growing GTM eco environment.

Numerous "networking breaks" gave room for intensive discussions among the participants.

GTM TechDay presenter

Positive feedback

The overall feedback on the event was extremely positive.

Thanks to all participants and contributors.

TechDay presentations

released for download

Download Bosch presentation

GTM – Enabler for flexibility and supply security


Download Bosch presentation

GTM overview and motivation


Download Synopsys presentation

Virtual hardware ECUs


Download ASTC presentation

Rapid software development


Download TASKING presentation

VX-toolset for MCS


Download Hightec presentation

MCS C development platform


Download PLS presentation

Troubleshooting and run-time observation

PLS Development Tools

Download Ash Ware % Renesas presentation

Requirements met by an eTPU solution are met

Ash Ware & Renesas

Download STM presentation

eTPU to GTM migration

Hybrid Controls & STMicroelectronics

Download CISC presentation

Serial automotive communication protocols

CISC Semiconductor Corp

Download Infineon presentation

GTM optimization of electric motor algorithms


Download STMicroelectronics presentation

Waveform generation 24GHz radar application


Download Bosch presentation

Ideas and concepts for signal generation


Download Mentor Graphics presentation

Realizing shift-left benefits

Mentor Graphics