Power Management IC for Lidar and Video SoCs



CS600 is the perfect power management IC for SoC based systems.

It can provide power for a complete system, including application μC, SoC, FPGA, memory and system peripherals, in a wide range of applications. The CS600 can be custom configured.


  • Fully integrated solution with 11 individually configurable power rails
  • Programmable power-up and power-down sequencing between all supply rails
  • Voltage monitoring and overcurrent protection for all regulators
  • Full operation down to 3.2V (with booster)
  • Developed in compliance with the ISO26262 standard, allowing to reach ASIL D on system level


Power supply for ADAS systems comprising high peformance Video SoCs and FPGAs

Powerful and flexible PMIC

Adjustable 11 power rails. Custom configurable.



  • Designed for automotive applications
  • Suitable for systems up to ASIL D
  • Programmable power-up and power-down sequencing between all supply rails
  • Voltage monitoring and overcurrent protection for all regulators
  • SPI interface for control and diagnostics
  • AEC-Q100 grade 1 automotive qualified
  • OTP memory to store user configuration of the device

Power rails

  • Pre-regulator: 5V buck converter, Vin: 5.5 .. 36V
    • Vin down to 3.2V with boost converter

  • 4x Switched regulator (SMPS) (internal power stage):
    • Vout: 0.7 .. 3.8V (adjustable)
    • Iout: 2x 1A, 2x 2A

  • 4x low drop regulator (LDO) (internal power stage):
    • Vout: 0.7 .. 3.8V (adjustable)
    • Iout: 300mA

  • Two step down converter with three dual gate drivers (DGD SMPS) (external power stage):
    • Vout: 0.7 .. 3.8V (adjustable)
    • Iout: 5A per phase (15A in 3-phase configuration)

  • All rails with soft start functionality and over current protection

Inputs and Outputs

  • Power-on, wake, sleep inputs
  • Safety output ports NSTP0 and NSTP1
  • 4 signal inputs for the general purpose 12bit ADC
  • Config pins

Tj min [°C]
Tj max [°C]


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