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Pressure sensor for side and front impact sensing

Application & Technical Summary


SMP475 is an integrated pressure sensor module, designed for use in automotive airbag applications. SMP470 can be mounted in a sensor-satellite housing with a pressure inlet, typically placed in the car’s side doors (side airbag application) or in the front bumper (pedestrian protection). SMP475 detects rapid pressure changes that occur in cavities e.g. in passenger side doors during a side impact or in designated deformation volumes (e.g. silicon tube) in pedestrian protection applications.

The module provides a normalized signal that is proportional to the pressure change, independent of ambient pressure and temperature. It also provides signals that are proportional to the slowly varying ambient pressure and temperature measured in the module. The signals are transmitted digitally via a PSI5 interface to the airbag control unit.

Product benefits

  • Digital interface for pressure and temperature
  • Digital low-pass filter on-chip
  • End of line programming via PSI5
  • Transmission of an individual part number during initialization
  • Developed according to ISO26262:2011

Reliable detection

of side or front impacts

Technical Features

Differential pressure sensor
Ambient pressure range
Temperature range
45.5 kPa – 110 kPa (enhanced: 140 kPa)
-40 °C - 125 °C
PSI5 V1.3 or PSI V2.1
Data resolution
10 bit or 16 bit (pressure)
16 bit (temperature)
53.53 LSB/kPA
±3 kPa
±10 K
Supply voltage
4.55 V – 11 V
Supply current
< 7.5 mA (sink current 30 mA)
Operating temperature
-40°C to 125°C
  • Lead-free SOIC8n package: 6.0 mm × 4.9 mm × 1.75 mm
    Lead-free SOIC8n package: 6.0 mm × 4.9 mm × 1.75 mm

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