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SMA731 / PSS2.31

Acceleration sensor for vibration control

Application & Technical Summary

SMA731, PSS2.31

The single-axis low-g SMA731 / PSS2.31 accelerometer (ax) is designed for use in active suspension systems to sense the chassis acceleration.

SMA731 / PSS2.31 can be used to measure acceleration of a body along the z-axis along with its pitch and roll movements. The sensor also measures static and dynamic accelerations.

The control unit receives all the sensor signals and continuously adjusts the damping forces to a comfortable and safe level. The sensor can also be used for other applications, including tilt measurement for powered trunk lids. The sensor is developed in accordance to ISO26262 for ASIL B system use.

Product benefits

  • Excellent signal performance
  • Robust communication via 2-wire interface
  • Available in SOIC8 package (SMA731) or in second level plastic package (PSS2.31)
  • RoHS compliant

reliable operation

du to self testing capability and digital data transmission

Technical Features

Low-g acceleration sensor
SOIC8n (SMA731)
Second level package (PSS2.31)
Sensing axes
±16 g
Data resolution
480 LSB/g
3.5 %
Supply voltage
4.5 to 11 v
Supply current
4 to 6 mA
Operating temperature
-40°C to 125°C
  • SOIC8n
    Lead-free SOIC8n package: 6.0 mm x 4.9 mm x 1.75 mm (complete sensor)

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