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AlN (Aluminum nitride)

Aluminum nitride is a piezoelectric material, which is not toxic and which has a limited risk of fab contamination, because aluminum is used for most semiconductors processes. It is stable over time, for temperature treatment up to 1,000° C, plasma treatment, and more.

Therefore it is compatible with typical semiconductor processes and allows a fast and efficient integration into existing industrial manufacturing processes.


  • Film thickness up to 3 µm
  • AlN Stress tuning from –2,500 to + 400 MPa
  • In situ DeGas and soft-etch of wafers available
  • Step coverage: Good grow conditions on oxide step
Aluminium Nitride

Specifications for standard layer

  • Film thickness (all points) for example 1,000 nm: +/- 3% without ion beam trim
  • Thickness WIW 1 Sigma: < 2.0%
  • Thickness WTW (25 Wafers) 1 Sigma: < 2.0%
  • Refractive Index range: 2.15+/- 0.02
  • Film stress wafer-in-wafer (15mm EE) range: +/- 75 MPa
  • Film stress wafer-to-wafer (25 wafers) mean value range: +/- 25 Mpa
  • FWHM of the {002}-AlN orientation in omega scan (XRD measurements): <1.6° on all wafer positions
  • Surface Roughness on all wafer positions < 2 nm (RMS) without ion beam trim
  • Particles (mechanical adders) <30 @ 0.5 µm
  • Plate temperature 50°C – 200°C