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Protocol controller IP for CAN

Application & Technical Summary


The C_CAN FD8 is a CAN IP module that can be implemented as a standalone device, as part of an ASIC. It is software compatible to the well known C_CAN IP module. The C_CAN FD8 performs communication according to ISO11898-1:2015. It supports classical CAN and CAN FD (CAN with Flexible Data-rate) communication with up to 8 byte data fields. For connection to the physical layer additional transceiver hardware is required. For communication on a CAN network up to 32 Message Objects can be configured. The Message Objects and Identifier Masks for acceptance filtering of received messages are stored in the Message RAM. The register set of the C_CAN FD8 can be accessed directly by an external CPU via the module interface. These registers are used to control/configure the CAN Core and the Message Handler and to access the Message RAM. The Module Interfaces delivered with the C_CAN FD8 module can easily be replaced by a customized module interface adapted to the needs of the user.

Product benefits

  • Based on the most widely-used CAN IP module C_CAN
  • Pre-existing driver support for C_CAN can be re-used
  • Direct CPU access to register set

secure communication

with bit rates up to 1 Mbit/s

C_CAN FD8 - Technical information

C_CAN FD8 - Technical information

C_CAN FD8 - User manual

C_CAN FD8 - User manual

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