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Combined inertial sensor for vehicle dynamics control

Application & Technical Summary


SMI810 is especially designed to support safety and ADAS functions with ASIL rating: Roll-stability control and roll-over sensing, The SMI810 is a three axis sensor measuring roll rate (Ωx) and acceleration (ayz).

It provides all relevant inertial signals in just one sensor. Subsequent system algorithms will use these sensor signals to compute the dynamical driving state of a vehicle or its position.

Product benefits

  • Excellent vibration robustness and offset stability
  • Developed for systems with requirements up to ASIL D

Target applications:

  • Roll-stability control
  • Roll-over sensing
  • Active suspension systems
  • Other safety and ADAS functions

reliable operation

due to excellent vibration resistance

Technical Features

Combined inertial sensor
Sensing axes
X (Ω),
Y, Z (a)
±300 °/s (Ω)
±6 g (a)
Data resolution
16-bit (SPI)
100 LSB/°/s (Ω),
5,000 LSB/g (a)
Sensitivity tolerance
±3 % (Ω)
±3 % (a)
Total offset error gyro
±2 °/s
Supply voltage
3.3 V, 5 V or 6.7 V
Supply current
< 28 mA
Operating temperature
-40 to 125 °C
  • SMI7xy
    Ball grid array package (BGA): 7 mm x 7 mm x 1.5 mm

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