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Bosch semiconductors for Automotive

CSL SIC power module 750 V Closed

Application & Technical Summary

CSL power modules 750 V closed

The CSL (Compact Silicon Carbide Line) power modules cover all major requirements of EV mass market.

The 750 V modules are designed for inverter modules with system voltages around 400 V.

Robust Bosch SiC MOSFETs reduce conduction and switching losses and allow for higher switching frequencies.

Product benefits

  • Scalable power range
  • Small form factor
  • Outstanding lifetime
CSL power modules 1,200 V

Maximum flexibility

thanks to scalable power range and 2 cooling options

Technical Features

Cooler type
Power range
750 V / 420 A DC
750 V / 515 A DC
750 V / 420 A DC
750 V / 515 A DC
DC Link terminals
standard busbars, screw connector
busbars, welding connector
Stray inductance
<10 nH
<6 nH
172 x 106 mm²
172 x 84 mm²
Silicon carbide power module
  • Sinter technology on AMB (SiN)
  • Cu bonding
complies with AQG 324
Tj min [°C]
-40 °C
Tj max [°C]
175 °C

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