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Integrated airbag system IC

Application & Technical Summary


CG904 is essential to realize a compact, dual-chip airbag control unit only consisting of a microcontroller and system IC.

The IC provides 16 firing loops and six PSI5 sensor interface.

CG904 unites all peripheral system functions of an airbag control unit:

  • Power supply for microcontroller, onboard sensors, and energy reserve
  • Digital interfaces for peripheral sensors
  • Safety controller for microcontroller monitoring
  • Airbag deployment firing loops

Product benefits

  • Supports a wide range of microcontroller families
  • ISO-compliant design
  • Chip variants available from for system configurations from entry level to high-end
  • Simple design-in due to hardware and software compatibility

Sophisticated safety concept

and extensive diagnostic routines

Technical Features

Integrated airbag system IC
  • Enhanced and sophisticated safety concept: safety controller; 3 watchdogs; ESP sensor data can be included in safety concept
  • Fully automated diagnosis: Monitoring of voltages (incl. VHx) and overtemperature, SVR diagnosis, built-in sensor test, CER diagnosis, power stage and squib diagnosis, cross-coupling diagnosis, connector capacitor diagnosis, STB and STG diagnosis
  • 2 independent 7-bit firing current counters per channel (max time: 3.2ms)
  • PWM controlled GPIO
Firing loops
16 × 5 firing modes (incl. 1.2 A, 1.75 A and LEA)
Peripheral sensor interfaces
6 × PSI5 (V1.3)
Analog interfaces
10 x AIN, 2 x AIO
SPI, 32-bit (3.3 V), K-Line/LIN
VDD typ. [V]
VVAS typ. [V]
VVZP typ. [V]
VVER typ. [V]
23.75 or 33 (programmable)
Tj min [°C]
Tj max [°C]
  • TQFP128 _ePad (14 × 14 mm)
    TQFP128 _ePad (14 × 14 mm)


Product information

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