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In today’s consumer electronics like mobile phones and wearable devices, power consumption is a key performance indicator. That is why the industry strives for new approaches to further improve the power consumption of the sensors they build.

The LOTUS project is financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), the objective is to investigate on low-voltage circuit designs for ultra-low-power sensors.

Founding project partners are Bosch Sensortec Dresden, Racyics GmbH and TU Dresden. Bosch Sensortec is elaborating on digital circuit power consumption optimization by new digital circuit approaches.
In order to drive microelectronics education to meet future challenges the project METIS was initiated. The 4-year project is EU funded and Bosch is one of the 20 EU-wide partners.

METIS` goal is to evaluate key trends in microelectronics regarding required education and skills and therefore defining the next generation of microelectro-nics education. Bosch is going to contribute by identifying occupational profiles, needs and gaps and therefore helping to establish a European Microelectronics Observatory to monitor key trends affecting the microelectronics industry.

与Bosch Sensortec Dresden一起的其他资助项目合作伙伴是Globalfoundries,Semitec,Fraunhofer IKTS和Fraunhofer IIS / EAS的Dresden分支机构。
博世Sensortec Dresden正在为主流ADAS应用开发一款坚固耐用的雷达测试芯片。

The EU has approved the first project of common European interest (IPCEI) for research and innovation in microelectronics. This project launched by France, Germany, Italy and the UK, is one of the key initiatives to maintain the European position in microelectronics. The results of research and development will be used for generating positive effects on the European economy and society. Within the framework of the project, Bosch will set up and expand the facilities in Dresden and Reutlingen and increase knowledge in smart power electronics and smart sensors in Europe.
AENEAS standing for Association for European NanoElectronics ActivitieS, is an industrial Association, established in 2006, providing unparalleled networking opportunities, policy influence & supported access to funding to all types RD&I participants in the field of micro and nanoelectronics enabled components and systems.
EPoSS, the European Technology Platform on Smart Systems Integration, is an industry-driven policy initiative, defining R&D and innovation needs as well as policy requirements related to Smart Systems Integration and integrated Micro- and Nanosystems.