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M_CAN add-on

DMU - DMA Unit

Supports DMA transfers between M_CAN Message RAM and System Memory

DMU Handling

Application & Technical Summary


The DMU signals to the attached DMA Controller (DMA request) when there is a newly received message available at one of the attached M_CAN's Rx FIFOs respectively when there is the possibility to load a new Tx message into the M_CAN's Tx FIFO/Queue.

The DMA controller then autonomously transfers the received message from the M_CAN's Message RAM to the System Memory or the message to be transmitted from the System Memory to the M_CAN's Message RAM.

After the DMA transfer has completed, the DMU acknowledges this to the M_CAN's Rx FIFO respectively sets the related M_CAN's transmission request.

Product benefits

  • Allows to offload tasks from CPU to DMA controller by enabling DMA block transfers of M_CAN Rx/Tx FIFO elements between Message RAM and System Memory as well as the transfer of timestamps from optional TSU.
  • Available for integration into microcontrollers, ASICs, and FPGAs.

up to 64 byte data transfer

in CAN FD frames

DMA unit for ASIC Design

  • 4.6k gates
  • VHDL source code
  • Documentation

DMA unit for FPGA Design

Intel / Altera
  • 4.6k gates
AMD / Xilinx
  • 4.6k gates
  • Encrypted VHDL source code
  • Documentation
  • DMU details
    DMU details

Whitepaper M_CAN add-ons


DMU Handling

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