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Bosch Semiconductors for Automotive

Automotive System ICs

Integrated circuits (ICs) are essential to vehicle control units. System ICs ensure actuator movements, information handling and safety relevant actions.

System IC applications

As one of the first suppliers, Bosch began with the development and production of integrated circuits for vehicle electronics as early as the 1960s.

Bosch system ICs stand for quality and stability. They are designed and tested using cutting-edge technologies, so as to allow failsafe functionality throughout the entire vehicle lifetime.

Restraint systems

All peripheral system functions of an restraint system combined in a single-chip system IC for dedicated functions.

Driver assistance systems

Possible applications as low-noise system supplies for radar sensors and transducer ICs for ultrasonic sensors.

Engine management systems

System ICs that can be used in engine management systems offer dedicated functions and provide a basis for the system power supply. With additional functions of a peripheral sensor for virtually all current microcontrollers.

Transmission control systems

In case of malfunctions, system ICs can step in to control the power supply and protect the gearbox. They can also serve as current regulators for magnetic hydraulic oil valves.

Pyro fuse systems

Battery management systems

Pyro fuse drivers are part of the battery management system and provide additional safety for electrical systems in (hybrid) electric vehicles.

In case of an accident, pyro fuse drivers ignite the pyro fuses and physically separate the HV battery from the vehicles power lines.

In-vehicle communication systems

For microcontrollers that do not support the CAN protocol directly, we offer protocol controller ICs as CAN drivers to enable in-vehicle communication.

Alternator electronics

As multi-functional regulators and regulators with integrated communication interface, regulator ICs help adjust the alternator output voltage to a constant level.

Designed for automotive applications

Bosch automotive system ICs are customized for specific applications within the vehicle system. They’re also known as application-specific ICs.

Some require only a minimum of additional information to carry out difficult control operations or take vital decisions in a fraction of time. Others are comprised of a well-defined set of functions to keep control units in the vehicle compact and efficient.

Programming options allow the customization to individual customer needs of suppliers and OEMs.

Successful implementations