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Bosch semiconductors for Automotive

Automotive MEMS sensors

MEMS sensors (micro electro-mechanical systems) are a key technology for the mobile and connected world.

 Automotive MEMS sensors

MEMS sensor applications

In 1995, the start of large scale production at Bosch was laid as the foundation for modern technology. Bosch is a pioneer and the world's leading supplier of MEMS sensors in the automotive and consumer electronics industry. Due to this extensive system know-how, we can design MEMS technology for our customers to fit optimally to the respective application – often even beyond customer specifications.

Bosch Automotive Electronics provides MEMS sensors for a wide range of automotive applications.

Restraint systems

In restraint systems, Bosch MEMS sensors detect abrupt vehicle deceleration. This critical information is essential for the decision to trigger the release of the vehicle’s airbags.


Vehicle dynamics systems

In vehicle dynamics systems, Bosch MEMS sensors measure the vehicle rotation around the vertical axis and the lateral acceleration to determine the dynamic state of the vehicle.

Highly automated driving systems

Highly automated driving (HAD) and hands-free driving requires precise information about the vehicle’s movements. The sensor data is used for lane keeping during a safe stop or to verify movement information derived from camera image or steering angle sensor. The SMU2 family offers excellent offset stability over the entire temperature range.

 Active suspension

Active suspension systems

Active suspension systems have make a major difference in driving comfort and safety. They are based on low-g Bosch MEMS acceleration sensors that precisely record the dynamics of the chassis and body even in harsh conditions.

Vehicle comfort systems

Vehicle comfort features such as navigation, tilt or inclination measurement, telematics systems, car key modules, car alarm or eCall systems are a rapidly growing field of application for MEMS sensors.

Typically, the required performance level for these MEMS sensors is lower when compared to sensors for sophisticated safety applications like airbag or vehicle stability systems.

 Driver information
 Engine Management

Engine management systems

Bosch MEMS sensors for engine management are designed to measure the current ambient pressure accurately and with low drift. Based on the sensor measurement data, the engine management system can supply the combustion engine with the optimum air-fuel mixture, irrespective of whether the vehicle is travelling along a coastal road or a road up in the mountains. As a result, efficiency is improved and consumption is reduced.

Seat comfort systems

Bosch barometric pressure sensors are a key component for pneumatic seat applications. The sensor regulates the correct inflation of the air chambers in multi-contoured seats and ensures that the seat adapts to the anatomy and the individual requirements of the driver and front-seat passenger. Thus, form-adjustable lumbar support as well as adjustable side bolsters on the backrest and seat area stabilize the vehicle occupants. A massage function can also be realized.

Particularly when driving on winding roads and on long trips, the barometric pressure sensors provide increased comfort and help reduce driver fatigue.

 Seat comfort
 Transmission ontrol

Transmission control systems

MEMS sensors for automatic transmission detect the oil pressure in the hydraulic actuators of the gearbox – with a very precise response time of less than a millisecond.

This is crucial for fast and ultra-smooth shifting of gears.

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