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Bosch semiconductors for Automotive

Metals, Liners, Anorganic BARCs

Metals, Liners, Anorganic BARCs

Bosch offers a variety of state of the art backend and frontend processes

Sputtering: Al, AlCu, Ti, TiN, Co, (transformation to CoSix available), WSix, Ni, NiFe, Au, Pd, Ag, TiW, Pt, Ta, TaN, Cu (dual damascene capability), Si



Backside sputtering: AlCu, Cr, NiVx, Au, Ag

ENEPIG Ni, Pd, Au (electroless), for example as OPM

Electroplating: Cu

More specific materials

Classical dry etch or IBE for all above

Ion Beam Etching

FIB cut
FIB cut
  • Etching for up to 4µm thick layers
  • Some material expamples: NiFe, Au, Ag, Pt, PZT, KNN, TaN, TiN, LNO

Multi Source Sputtering

Special tool for foundry topics

Additionally to the full production sputter processes, we can offer a multisource chamber.

Capability of co- and multilayer-sputtering with 4 x 100 mm targets (we can deposit almost „everything“)

  • Low deposition rate but capability of controlled deposition of ultra thin layers <1nm
  • Mainframe:
    • 4 single source sputter modules: Ti, Ag, Al/AlOx (reactive), AlCu
    • Peripheral modules: softetch; cooler; degas
    • Attached to mainframe :1 multi source sputter module
  • 2 x RF- and 2 x DC- sources
  • Ar + N2 +O2
  • Tw,max > 500°C
  • Rotating chuck
  • Wafer shutter and source shutter

Currently available targets:

  • Ag, Al, Al2O3, Au, Cr, Cu, Ge, Mo, NiCr, Ru, Si, Ti, W