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Bosch semiconductors for Automotive

Advanced packaging

Silicon TSVs

TSVs enable electrical interconnections through several hundred microns.

Bosch offers silicon TSVs. Their advantage is the very low parasitic capacitance and a stress-optimized design enabled by the Bosch airgap technology. These features make them suitable for advanced MEMS applications.

Silicon TSV
Silicon TSV

Silicon TSV capabilities:

  • Low resistance: < 50 Ohm
  • low parasitic capacitance: < 50fF
  • pitch 120-150µm
  • through up to 300 µm of silicon thickness
  • flat MEMS Wafer for standard testability, handling & packaging
  • aluminum top metallization and redistribution layer (RDL) possible
  • oxide and nitride passivation layers possible

Metal TSVs

Metal TSVs are available with low resistance and low parasitic capacitance, limited so far to 50 µm depth:

Wolfram TSV
Wolfram TSV

Metal TSV capabilities:

  • Liner process, hollow Tungsten via. Up to 50 µm depth possible.
  • Resistance < 10 Ohm per contact.
  • Air gap isolation
  • Diameter including air gap isolation about 20 µm