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Bosch semiconductors for Automotive


System basis IC for engine control units

Application & Technical Summary


System supply, power stages and CAN phy combined in one chip.

CY329 is a high-end system basis IC with power stages for powertrain control units. A configurable pre-regulator keeps the ECU running down to 3V battery voltage. A system supply wakeup process can be configured for most efficient start. The switched mode buck converter for the microcontroller core voltage reduces power dissipation significantly. It communicates using micro second channel (MSC) interface.

Product benefits

  • Integrated CAN-FD physical layer
  • Power stages with integrated clamping and diagnosis
  • 3 level Watchdog for VDA 2.0 compliance

Flexible and balanced power concept

to reduce hot spots on PCB.

Technical Features

System basis IC
  • Battery supply can be configured as permanent or non-permanent with or without CAN wake-up capability
  • Minimal power dissipation
  • Standby current down to 55 µA
  • Suitable for ASIL D systems
Output voltages
  • System: 5 V / 550 mA, 5 V / 950 mA
  • Sensors: 3 x 5 V
  • MSC bus
  • 1 x CAN-FD physical layer
  • Ignition
  • 3 wake up pins
  • Wake up on CAN
  • External 5V monitor
  • Main relay control: 1 x LSPS
  • 7 × LS power stage: Ron_max = 2.4 Ohm / UClamp = 55 V
  • 1 × HS power stage: Ron_max = 2.4 Ohm, dedicated supply pin
Tj min [°C]
Tj max [°C]
  • TQFP64
    TQFP64_ePad (10 × 10 mm)


Product information

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