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High performance inertial sensor for HAD systems

Application & Technical Summary


SMU210 features a single-axis pitch or roll rate sensor (Ωx) and a 3-axis accelerometer (axyz).

Typical applications include localisation by combining the GNSS position information with the sensor’s data, resulting in a significantly more precise positioning. The combination of a SMU200 with two SMU210 makes a system capable of measuring all 6 degrees of freedom (yaw, pitch and roll rate as well as acceleration in x, y and z direction).

Product benefits

  • On-board safety controller for monitoring of sensor functions
  • Excellent offset stability over the entire temperature range
  • Developed according to ISO26262 for systems with safety targets up to ASIL D

Target applications:

  • Localisation
  • Other ADAS functions

Precise localisation

Detects smallest directional deviations

Technical Features

Combined inertial sensor
Sensing axes
X, Z (Ω),
X, Y, Z (a)
±300 °/s (Ω)
±6 g (a)
Data resolution
16-bit (SPI)
100 LSB/°/s
5,000 LSB/g
Sensitivity tolerance
±1 % (Ω)
±1 % (a)
Total offeset error gyro
±0.25 °/s
Supply voltage
3.3 V or 5 V
Supply current
< 28 mA
Operating temperature
-40 to 125 °C

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