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Bosch semiconductors for Automotive

CSL SIC power module 750 V Closed

Application & Technical Summary

CSL power modules 750 V closed

The CSL (Compact Silicon Carbide Line) power modules cover all major requirements of EV mass market.

The 750 V modules are designed for inverter modules with system voltages around 400 V.

Robust Bosch SiC MOSFETs reduce conduction and switching losses and allow for higher switching frequencies.

CSL power modules 1,200 V

Product benefits

  • Scalable power range
  • Small form factor
  • Outstanding lifetime

Maximum flexibility

thanks to scalable power range and 2 cooling options

Technical Features

Cooler type
Power range
750 V / 420 A DC
750 V / 515 A DC
750 V / 420 A DC
750 V / 515 A DC
DC Link terminals
standard busbars, screw connector
busbars, welding connector
Stray inductance
<10 nH
<6 nH
172 x 106 mm²
172 x 84 mm²
Silicon carbide power module

  • Sinter technology on AMB (SiN)
  • Cu bonding

complies with AQG 324
Tj min [°C]
-40 °C
Tj max [°C]
175 °C

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