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Bosch semiconductors for Automotive


4 channel pyro fuse driver

Application & Technical Summary


CG912 provides additional safety function for electrical systems in (H)EVs. Controlled by the battery management system, CG912 can ignite up to four pyro fuses. The pyro fuses safely disconnect the HV battery from the vehicle’s electrical system. CG912 can also provide power to the battery management's microcontroller and monitor the microcontroller for proper function.

Product benefits

  • Driver for up to four pyro fuses
  • High side & low side drivers for highest system safety
  • Power supply for system microcontroller
  • Q&A watchdog for microcontroller monitoring
  • Automated diagnostic routines
  • Designed for systems with requirements up to ASIL B (D)
    (based on airbag ECU requirements)
  • Qualified in accordance with AEC-Q100

5 firing modes

for optimum adaption to the pyro fuses

Technical Features

Pyro fuse driver
  • Power supply capabilities:
    3.3 V (microcontroller, onboard sensors)
    5 V (CAN)
    6.7 V (peripheral sensors)
    23.75 / 33 V (energy reserve & pyro fuse firing)
  • Enhanced sophisticated safety concept (incl. sensor data monitoring)
  • Watchdog for microcontroller
  • Fully automated diagnosis: Monitoring of voltages (incl. VHx) and overtemperature, SVR diagnosis, CER diagnosis, power stage and squib diagnosis, cross-coupling diagnosis, connector capacitor diagnosis, STB and STG diagnosis
  • 2 independent 7-bit firing current counters per channel (max time: 3.2 ms)
  • PWM controlled GPIO
Firing loops
Firing modes
Firing modes programmable by SPI:
  • Static mode I: 1.85 A for 0.7 ms
  • Static mode II: 1.75 A for 0.5 ms
  • Static mode III: 1.2 A for 2 ms
  • Dynamic mode V: 1.75 A for 0.7 ms, automatic extension to 1.2 A for 2.0 ms
  • Dynamic mode VI: 1.5 A for 1.5 ms, automatic extension up to 3.0 ms
SPI, 32-bit (3.3 V), K-Line/LIN
VDD typ. [V]
VVZP typ. [V]
VVER typ. [V]
23.75 or 33 (programmable)
Tj min [°C]
Tj max [°C]
  • TQFP64_epad (10 x 10 mm²)
    TQFP64_epad (10 x 10 mm²)


Product information

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