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Bosch semiconductors for Automotive

CG124 / CG130

System basis chipset for automatic transmission control

Application & Technical Summary


CG124 contains all system power related functions for a transmission control unit.


CG130 provides the corresponding monitoring functions.

CG124 and CG130 provide basic functions to transmission control:
Power supply for all system components and extensive monitoring functions to avoid damages to transmission hardware.

Product benefits

  • Power supply for microcontroller, other active components and speed sensors
  • Starter lock n case of transmission malfunction
  • Voltage monitoring incl. µC core voltage monitoring
  • Intelligent question/answer watchdog for μC monitoring
  • Temperature sensing

2 chips solution for higher system safety

System power and monitoring logic distributed on 2 separate ICs

Technical Features

System chipset

  • TQFP64ePad (CG124)
  • LQFP32 (CG130)


  • Ideally suited for Renesas SH7+
  • Reverse polarity protection for HS switches
  • Reverse polarity protection for system supply
  • HS switch for starter disable
  • Twofold voltage monitoring
  • Question & answer watchdog
  • Periphery clock monitoring
  • 16-channel multiplexer for diagnosis: OL, SCG and SCB


  • 3 x speed sensor
  • 4 x position sensor
  • Wake-up


  • 3 x Driver for HS switches
  • Starter disable
  • Startup, Reset, Shutdown for µC

Control Interface

  • SPI (5V)

VDD typ. [V]
Tj min [°C]
Tj max [°C]

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