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Monitoring IC for transmission control

Application & Technical Summary


CG135 is a high-end monitor IC for automotive systems that demand highest safety levels. It is designed for Electronic control units (such as transmission control units) with high requirements for classified functional safety.

CG135 monitors supply voltages, highside switches, and microcontroller health (watchdog protocol, lockstep counter). Based on this information, CG135 can decide to reset the microcontroller or to disable the highside switches. Decision criteria and resulting actions can be programmed and configured via SPI.

Product benefits

  • Developed according to ISO26262:2011 for ASIL-D capability in combination with system basis ICs like CY324 or CY327, solenoid drivers like CG208 and high-side switches like CJ950 or CJ960
  • Flexible parameter configuration
  • Diagnostic capability
  • 3x Speed Sensor Interface
  • AEC-Q100 qualified

100 %

monitoring of TCU internal voltages and communication for ASIL D

Technical Features

Monitoring IC for transmission control units
  • TQFP32-EPAD (QFN36 on demand)
  • 2 isolated and monitored voltage sensing domains (>5.5 V and <5.5 V)
  • Variable low voltage monitor (1 .. 1.325 V) with 15 μs settling time
  • 5.5 .. 19 V Low voltage domain immune for signals
  • 3 × voltage monitoring channels
  • 3 × speed sensor
  • System reset
  • Power control
Control Interface
  • SPI (5V)
VDD typ. [V]
Tj min [°C]
Tj max [°C]
  • TQFP32-EPAD (7 mm × 7 mm)
    TQFP32-EPAD (7 mm × 7 mm)

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