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M_CAN add-on

TSU - Timestamping unit

Hardware timestamps according to CiA 603 and AUTOSAR specification

Application & Technical Summary


On reception or transmission of sync messages by the attached M_CAN, the TSU captures the actual value of its internal 32-bit timestamp counter and stores it to one of its timestamp registers. The count rate of the internal timestamp counter can be adjusted by an 8-bit prescaler to the value required by the application.

It is also possible to use an external timebase by connecting it to the TSU's timebase input. The actual timebase value (internal or external) is also available at the TSU's timebase output.

The TSU can be configured to store 4/8/16 timestamps. It is configurable whether capturing of timestamps is triggered at SoF or EoF of the Sync frame received by the attached M_CAN.

Product benefits

  • Supports hardware timestamping according to CiA 603 standard
  • AUTOSAR synchronization method supported
  • Timestamps captured at EoF or SoF of Sync frames received or transmitted by the attached M_CAN
  • Available for integration into microcontrollers, ASICs, and FPGAs.

Up to sixteen 32-bit timestamps

supported by TSU

Timestamping Unit for ASIC Design

TSU with 8 timestamp registers, 32-bit internal timebase and SoF option
  • 3.9k gates
  • VHDL source code
  • Documentation

Timestamping Unit for FPGA Design

Intel / Altera
  • 3.9k gates
AMD / Xilinx
  • 3.9k gates
  • Encrypted VHDL source code
  • Documentation
  • TSU details
    TSU details

Whitepaper M_CAN add-ons

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