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Protocol controller IP for CAN / CAN FD

Application & Technical Summary


The M_CAN is a CAN IP module that can be realized as a standalone device, as part of an ASIC or on an FPGA. It performs communication according to ISO11898-1:2015. It supports Classical CAN and CAN FD (CAN with Flexible Data-rate). Additional transceiver hardware is required for connection to the CAN physical layer. The message storage is intended to be a single or dual-ported Message RAM outside of the module. It is connected to the M_CAN via the Generic Master Interface. Depending on the chosen integration, multiple M_CAN controllers may share the same Message RAM. The Host CPU is connected via the 32-bit Generic Interface.

Product benefits

  • Support of Classical CAN and CAN FD according to ISO 11898-1:2015
  • Up to 64-byte payload for faster transmission of large data fields
  • Support as CAN FD Light Commander:
    Standardization published in CiA 604-1: CAN FD light Protocol for responder nodes
    > More information about CAN FD light
  • Multiple M_CAN modules can access one shared memory
  • Smart message handling reduces CPU load
  • Connectable to customer-specific Host CPUs with 8/16/32-bit generic CPU interface
  • Bit rates up to 8 Mbit/s, depending on application and used transceiver
  • Safe communication with 17/21bit CRC (CAN FD) or 15bit CRC (CAN)
  • Functional Safety Ready
  • M_CAN has been developed as Safety Element out of Context (SEooC) according to ISO 26262-11:2018, Clause 4
  • Safety Manual and FMEDA available on request.
  • M_TTCAN additionally supports Time-Triggered CAN for real-time applications according to ISO 11898-4

Optional Add-ons:

TSU - Timestamping unit

The timestamping unit supplies the M_CAN IP-module with hardware timestamps according to CiA 603 and AUTOSAR specification.

> More information about TSU

DMU - Direct memory access unit

The DMU supports DMA transfers between M_CAN message RAM and system memory

> More information about DMU

safe communication

with bit rates above 1 Mbit/s

Mandatory License of CAN Protocols

The CAN Protocols are patented products developed by Robert Bosch GmbH.

A CAN Protocol License is required for all implementations of CAN FD, CAN FD Light, TTCAN and CAN XL modules.

> More information about CAN Protocol License

  • Block diagram M_CAN IP
    Block diagram M_CAN IP


Product information

M_CAN - User manual

M_CAN - User manual

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