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Bosch semiconductors for Automotive


SiC MOSFET Gate Driver IC

Application & Technical Summary


The EG120 is a high-voltage SiC or IGBT gate driver IC designed for automotive traction inverters. The EG120 implements capacitive coupling technology to provide galvanic isolation between low voltage and high voltage domains.

EG120 can be programmed with up to 133 different gate current profiles for charging and discharging of the power transistors. EG120 supports the selection of optimum gate charge and discharge profiles for the actual inverter operating condition during runtime.

Product benefits

  • Gate Current Profiles allow
    • adaption to different inverter operation conditions (for example temp, DC-link voltage, phase current) or failure conditions (overcurrent, safe state) based on μC or automated selection from ASIC
    • tolerance compensation of parallel transistors
    • emulation of different soft turn-on / turn-off procedures
  • No external gate-resistors, AMCL components, safestate logic or ADC needed on HV-side.
  • Enable significant reduction of external components and thus required PCB space
  • Limp home operation in case of power transistor failure: 4 independent Outputs allow operation of the not faulted parallel switched power transistors

Up to 133 different gate current profiles

for charging and discharging of the power transistors.

Technical Features

Isolated gate drivers for SiC or IGBT power switches
  • PSOP44
  • Single channel 10A gate driver, split into 4 synchronized outputs with +/-2.5A each
  • Gate charge/discharge control based on programmable current profiles individually for each output
  • Sampling of transistors V_Gate vs. Q_Gate characteristic
  • Gate current profile selection during runtime incl. phase current prediction
  • Intelligent profile selection during runtime
  • Integrated LDO with V_GS Boost function during short circuit
  • Fully integrated Active Miller Clamp (no external components)
  • UART interface
  • 150V/ns min. CMTI (Common Mode Transient Immunity)
  • 60s@4300 VPK max. VIOTM (Maximum rated transient isolation voltage acc. to IEC 60747-17)
  • Health monitoring of power transistors by online parameter detection
  • AEC-Q104 qualification
  • Supports ASIL D systems according to ISO26262
Parameter Identification
Reduction of asymmetrical switching and unequal loads can cause a significant improvement of SiC lifetime and therefore reliability of the inverter system.
Current Controlled Gate Driving
  • Keeps pre- and post-charge times low
    • fast switching
    • significant reduction of switching losses in WLTC
  • Tunes gate current at miller-plateau phase
    • reduce EMC emissions
  • Gate current adjustable in 10 mA steps
  • Up to 123 different profiles in RAM
    • defined by MCU and selected by IC during runtime for each new duty cycle
  • Additional safe state and overcurrent profiles
    • fast reaction: activated by EG120 in case of incident
Functions for system protection
  • Programmable, DC-link voltage dependent safe state
  • Overcurrent- and DESAT-detection (warning + error)
  • OV/UV-Monitoring of all power supplies and gate outputs
  • DC-link voltage
  • 2x external NTC ADC input measurement with internal 12-bit ADC
  • Internal temperature measurement
  • Active discharge mode to simplify the inverter
Control Interface
Tj min [°C]
Tj max [°C]
EG120, blockdiagramm, block_diagram, block_chart
Simplified block diagram
EG120, application_diagramm
Simplified application diagram

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